Meet Your Wife's Need for Appreciation

First, read about the need for appreciation if you have not done so already.

A woman needs to feel appreciated for the good things she does. If she doesn't, she may cease doing those things. You, as her husband, are the one who can best meet this need. Tell her frequently how much you appreciate the little and big things she does. Compliment her on her intelligence, abilities, and appearance, and tell her how much you admire her. Be sure to show your gratitude for her contributions to the financial well-being of the household, whether it is bringing home a paycheck or cooking more at home and budgeting well. Your frequent expressions of appreciation will help her to gain a greater sense of self worth and confidence. As she does, she will become a more valuable, admirable, beautiful, and praiseworthy woman.

Say it with words

A man feels love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. Your woman needs to hear your expressions of appreciation for what she does: “The spaghetti sauce you made is delicious.” “Thanks for making dinner.” “You sure are a good mother to our children” “It was so nice of you to ask my opinion.” These words can be made more meaningful if accompanied by a token gift, such as flowers or jewelry.

Express your appreciation in words both written and spoken. Although you may not need to receive cards from her on special occasions, she does need to receive them from you. Send her a card for her birthday, your anniversary, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day at a minimum, and on other days occasionally “just because” you love and appreciate her. Alternatively, give her flowers with a written note expressing your love. A hand-written letter mailed to her will also turn her heart.

Leave no doubt in her mind

You may also effectively convey your appreciation by acts that are so bizarre that no alternative motive can be assigned to them (for example, unexpectedly washing her car and leaving a note on the steering wheel expressing your appreciation for something she has done).

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